Conference Theme

Extension education worldwide: trends, challenges and cases (including public and private, farmer organizations, etc.)

  • Extension education for rural development (including multifunctionality, tourism, etc)
  • Extension education and the future of food and farming (including global warming, food crises, energy crisis, sustainable agriculture, etc.)
  • Extension education and commercialisation of agricultural products (including alternative or short circuits, marketing, etc)
  • Extension education networks and cyber extension
  • New approaches in planning, implementation and evaluation of extension education projects (including methods, facilitation, etc.)

Target Groups

  • Practitioner of extension
  • Scientists, Researchers and Trainers
  • Consultants in the rural sector
  • Directly & indirectly related fields & sectors (Universities, Research Public&Private Institutes, Ministries..)

Purpose of the Seminar

The main purpose of this seminar traditionally is to share the ideas and practices of the participants on Extension Worldwide to agricultural extension works.  The practitioner of extension and advisory work in the rural sector, scientists and researchers participate to our seminar. As usual this year we’ll see and listen  the best practice in extension between public and private extension services around the world starting from Europe. We have the possibilities to discuss and argue and to adopt them in other countries.


We invite all those who are interested in presenting a paper, video, poster,
practical idea, or debate in the 21nd ESEE.  The guidelines for the full paper have been available next week. We request for proposal from individuals in the fields of Extension Science, Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture and all related fields. We accept two types of presentations:  Oral presentation (15 minutes) &   Poster presentation.

The abstract title, the names of the writer, and supervisor of the research
article introduced, and contact email address, the name of institution (university etc).
The seminar 2013 will emphasise these specific themes above but papers on other topics are also welcome. If you have more suggestions for the topics to be covered after this very demanding natural disaster time to the farming and extension, please write us about them.

During the seminar, some tecnical visits to institutions involved in training and teaching extension and some historical places will be organized.

Registration & Accommodation

All presenters are expected to register online by 10th May 2013 for presenters. The online registration will be available by 31st May for other audience participants as it given below. Registration and all seminar fees information  will be presented to you via internet (webpage and paper)  about online registration, abstract submission, full paper and poster submission, and power point presentation, accommodation, flight, and venue etc.

The Important Dates

The seminar will be held between 02-06 September  2013.

  • 30th March 2013- Deadline for Abstract Submission
  • 10th April 2012- Notification of Acceptance
  • 10th May  2013- Deadline for Full Paper Submission & Early Registration
  • 31st May 2013- Deadline for Registration of Other Participants
  • 2nd – 6th  September, 2013- Seminar Dates.

Could you please share your opinion?


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